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Master Caregiver K

  • 16+ years experience in direct care
  • ​Strong experience providing care for the terminally ill
  • Expert communicator
  • ​Demonstrated ability to care for persons from diverse cultures and backgrounds

Our Master Caregivers have wide and varied experience and training. Here is a snapshot of some of our team members:


"I believe empathy is the most essential quality of civilization."

- Roger Ebert

our team approach

The Master caregiver

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  • Be a Certified Medication or Nurse’s Aide.
  • Have a minimum experience of five years.
  • Pass our 20-point screening process.
  • Pass our full background verification.

Our minimum standards begin at a high mark and yet, the average experience of candidates accepted into our program exceeds 10 years. 

Once accepted into our program, each candidate completes a comprehensive classroom and client training with our Master Caregiver Trainers to ensure quality control. Each Master Caregiver is trained in such topics as client-centered care, leadership, cultural awareness and hospitality. The level of training provided is far above and beyond any requirement for a private care company as well as any state requirements. 

After training, our Master Caregivers always have full access to resources and support and are observed and guided by their Team Leaders and our company's Care Program Director.

What sets The Master Caregiver Company apart from all other caregiver service providers is the extensive background verification, training and oversight of each of the company's Master Caregivers.  

The first step to becoming a Master Caregiver is to be accepted into the Master Caregiver Training Program. Before being considered for the training program all candidates must:

Master Caregiver T

  • 10+ years experience in direct care
  • Expert in geriatric care, Alzheimer's & vascular dementia
  • ​Certified Phlebotomy Technician
  • Strong background in rehabilitation work.

Anita Foster, Ph.D., Care Program Manager. 20+ years of experience in direct

Master Caregiver S

  • 20+ years experience in direct care
  • Expert in geriatric care, Alzheimer's & dementia
  • Strong experience in post-surgical & post -hospital care
  • Strong hospice background

Master Caregiver L

  • 20+ years experience in direct care
  • Certified Medication Aide
  • Strong background providing care to person with HIV
  • Strong leadership skills

Leora, Master Caregiver, CMA. 20+ years of experience in direct care.